Venom Racing Engines Sets Horsepower Record for 1.9L LSA Supercharged Applications! 

What started out as a joke, ended up with a goal. When we set out to swap a LSA supercharger on Jim's mustang, he completely only expected to make 650rwhp. The first combo was particularly mild. It was a 6.0 based 402ci shortblock that was assembled from spare parts we had laying around. The ls3 heads we put on top of it were touched up with our VRE CNC program and our competition valve job. From here is where it got interesting. We spit balled idea's on what a positive displacement supercharger would want, and what other things we thought we could manipulate by selecting a given set of valve events. We also kept in mind we wanted it to work with stock ZL1 torque converters for our CTSV customers. From there the OG BR69 was born.  We ended up porting the blower and snout, adding a 105mm throttle body in the process. Greg at STG Motorsports finished up the install of the LSA components on the car and it was time for the dyno.  Tuning of the MS3Pro was handled in house by VRE.  When the tuning was complete the car made 788rwho through a th400 with a 5000rpm PTC converter and a 9" rear end. 

After Tuning, it was Time for the track. We were concerned with how violent it would be on the starting line so we decided to footbrake it and leave in second gear. The first pass netted us 5.81 at 118mph with a surprising 1.38 60ft. After the pass we pulled the data, made some adjustments and went back up. The second pass still leaving in second gear netted us a 5.78 at 120mph with an even more impressive 1.34 60ft. I also must note that for everyone thinking that fox bodies are all lightweight, this car tipped the scales at 3405lbs with driver. 

The initial success of the this combo immediately sparked an interest to see just how far we could push a 1.9L supercharger.  So we set out on a mission to find out. Yes, before you ask, we built a new engine for it with only 2 passes on this combo. The new combo would be a dart block based 388ci engine, with a little more compression, our new VRE hacksaw 265cc ls3 heads that we are doing R&D on, as well as a solid roller camshaft. The engine had a few more tricks in it but that helped out but we will save those for another day. 

Once this engine was complete we swapped it in the car with a new torque converter from PTC as later we found the old one to have 17% slip (which makes the old combo even more impressive), and we headed to the dyno.

The new engine made an astounding 890rwhp!

Since then we have decided to remove the lsa supercharger all together and swap on a pair of S472's to compete in some local MX235 races and MW8.5 races. So stay tuned for more updates on this badass foxbody.